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Start up a Hedge Fund or the asset management business by utilising our FinTech

Our environment allows managing assets of your customers and charging them different commissions. We provide a ready-to-use infrastructure and handle most routine processes.

Business Organization Scheme All the assets (your own capital and assets of your investors) are safely placed on a segregated bank account of a regulated and licensed financial company. The funds are insured by government bodies. You and your investors are protected from bankruptcy and fraud.
1 We’ll create a Master account used to pool together your investors.
2 Investors will connect to your pool based on the power of attorney that allows you to manage their assets.
Master account of your fund
3 A brokerage company provides access and services for trading in the financial markets. The scheme is designed in such a manner that major global banks (Morgan Stanley, Citibank, SEB, Nomura, etc.) compete for your transactions by offering the best prices.
Financial markets
4 All your fund’s profits and losses resulted from transactions in the financial markets will be distributed among investors (in proportion to their shares). For example, if your fund made $1,000, an investor having 15% share will earn 150 USD.
+$1,000 profit
5 A percentage of investor’s income will be paid to you on a monthly basis. You set the percentage personally (usually from 15% up to 40%). You may also charge other commissions, for example, a fee for account management (contact us to learn more).
Your income

Key Features and Benefits

Our framework serves to overcome barriers and generate an additional income stream

We offer safe and transparent business organization scheme for you and your investors

Our solution allows to save about $100,000 on business startup and annual support

Setup takes just a couple of days but not weeks or months

You get an opportunity to start as an individual or as a company

We offer professional reporting analytics displayed to you and your investors

Ability to charge customers different commissions (performance fee, management fee, spread and etc)

Automatic calculation of fees and flexibility in withdrawing commissions to improve your cash flow

Keep investors happy by allowing them to deposit and withdraw whenever they want to

Access to best strategies to manage your fund

No need to seek for managers and pay them huge fees. We offer you ready-made strategies by which you can build diversified investment portfolios and manage your fund successfully. This is the reason why a fund manager is no longer a chief person in your company.

Ready marketing website and real-time fund performance audit

We’ll provide you a web-page containing performance statistics of your fund that you can use for promotional purposes and show it to your investors. Here you can place your logotype, contact details and message for investors. You fund’s statistics will be updated in an automatic mode.

Example of potential income calculation

Hedge Fund model allows you to generate ROI not only from your own capital but also to leverage it through investor's funds.

Total assets under management Specify the amount of assets you're planning to raise for your fund
Average yearly income of fund Specify a target return on investment (ROI)
  • $1,650
    Your basic monthly income based on management fee 2% per annum A management fee is charged on the investment amount and doesn’t depend on fund’s return performance.
  • $10,500
    Your approximate monthly income based on performance fee 25% A performance fee is charged on the amount of the profit earned on investor’s account.
Number of investors you need to acquire to achieve these goals
20 investors of 50K
    Learn more details Click to read how everything is organized