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Performance Audit Services

Our solution includes automatic monitoring of your fund’s performance results and automatic update of the information presented on your Premium Marketing Website.


How you may charge your investors

Performance Fee - Commission is charged on the amount of the profit earned on investor’s account. For example, if you set 20% performance fee and earn $1,000 on investor’s account, then $800 goes to investor and $200 goes to you.


Management Fee - Commission is charged on the investment amount and doesn’t depend on fund’s return performance. For example, if you set 2% per annum and your investor account equity is $100,000 on average, then you will earn $2,000 per year regardless of your performance results.


Spread or Commission Markup - You can benefit from every closed trade by setting up a markup on spread/commission. For example, you can add 1 pip to the current spread and earn $10 on each lot traded in your investor’s account.



Additionally, we’ll take care of everything related to the calculation of commission fees and timely monthly payments to your account.

  Focus on the attraction of investors and managing their capital but not on the routine procedures and calculations.  

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