Automatic Management of Fund’s Portfolio

The software give an opportunity to manage pool of your investors on autopilot

Our solution includes a platform for automatic management of a fund’s portfolio. You may select the most perspective trading strategies (a detailed statistics for preliminary analysis is available) and copy analogous customizable trades into your fund’s account. Now there are 200+ ready-made trading strategies available within the platform.

Automatic Management of Fund’s Portfolio

Some of our Strategy Providers

All trading strategies undergo an audit and a verification: a trading history is uploaded directly from a trader’s account with no possibility of entering random data so that trading statistics cannot be forged.

There are both retail traders managing own money and fund managers acting for the benefit of investors represented in our platform. We organize a variety of advertising campaigns and cooperate with brokers in search for strategy providers.

Trading strategies are evaluated by the following basic criteria:

  • duration of trading history (the longer, the better)
  • an average rate of used leverage (the lower the leverage, the lower is the risk and thereby the better)
  • average monthly income (the higher, the better)

Business model

Compensation for strategy providers is based on a management fee. This fee calculated on a daily basis and depends on allocated equity. This means that you don’t need to pay them the part of your profit (all the profit earned is split between your investors and your fund). We support more than 500 brokers so in most cases you can use your current trading account.

You may charge your investors the following fees:

  • performance fee (percentage of amount of the profit earned on investor’s account)
  • management fee (you can charge your investors to cover costs of our services)
  • other fees (for example, you may set a spread/commission mark-up and receive a compensation from every closed trade)

Therefore, you don’t need to hire money managers, pay them a salary and performance bonuses – at this stage, our solution will help you to save $50,000+ per year plus bonuses.

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