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  • What is FUND+?
    FUND+ is a framework that allows you to start up your own private investment fund (or hedge fund) within 14 days.
  • Why is a hedge fund needed?
    Fund model enables you to generate an additional income stream thanks to the fees received as a reward for successful management of investors’ assets.
  • Do I need any license?
    It depends on the jurisdiction within which you’re planning to do your business. Contact us for more details.
  • May I establish several hedge funds on your platform?
    Yes, you may establish several funds and build various investment portfolios for them. For example, the first fund can be based on a long-term investment strategy, and the second one can be based on short-term speculations.
  • I’m new to trading. Where do I start?
    You can hire a risk manager who will build an investment portfolio on the basis of our trading strategies for you and monitor it afterward. We can provide you with such a person under certain conditions.
  • May I just invest my money and manage my account?
    Yes, you may begin to manage own assets, accumulate statistics and acquire investors in the future if you wish. This is how most our partners start their activity (Hedge Fund Incubator).